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For the list of the current Officers of the Lodge please click here

Committee meetings and Rehearsals to be held at The Masonic Hall, Rainbow Hill, Worcester commencing at 6:30pm unless otherwise stated (see Directions for details on how to find our Lodge)

LOI (Lodge of Instruction) meetings to be held at St Marks Hall, Bath Road, Worcester commencing at 7:45pm.

Precise arrangements for the social events will be advised separately.

Social Events to be added separately


Wed.   12        Sept.    LOI

Wed.   26        Sept.    LOI

Wed.   10        Oct.     Rehearsal

Wed.   11        Oct.     LOI

Mon.   15       Oct.     Regular Meeting

Wed.   24        Oct.     LOI

Wed.   14        Nov.    LOI

Wed.   28        Nov.    LOI

Wed.   12        Dec.     LOI

Thurs  13        Dec.     Rehearsal

Mon    17        Dec.    Regular Meeting

Wed.   26        Dec.     LOI - *No Meeting*


Wed.   09        Jan       LOI

Tues.    15       Jan       Rehearsal

                    Wed.   23        Jan       LOI

                    Mon    28       Jan.     Regular Meeting

Wed.   08        Feb.     LOI

Wed.   13        Feb.     LOI

Wed.   27        Feb.     LOI

Wed.   13        Mar.     LOI

Mon.   18        Mar.    Rehearsal

Mon.   25       Mar.    Regular Meeting

                    Mon.    27       Mar.    LOI

Wed.   12        Apr.     LOI

Fri.       15       Apr.     Rehearsal

Wed.    10       Apr.     LOI

Wed.    24       Apr.     LOI

Mon.   29       Apr.    Regular Meeting (Installation)

                    Wed.   26        Apr.     LOI

                    Wed.   08        May.    LOI