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Welcome to the Website of Teme Lodge No. 8491

My name is Stuart Stone and I am the current Master of the Lodge.

If you are curious to know more about joining our Lodge or indeed about Freemasonry in general,

then please feel free to contact us

About Our Lodge

Teme Lodge meets five times each year at the Masonic Hall, Rainbow Hill, Worcester on:

- The Fourth Monday of the month of January, March and April*

- The Third Monday of October and December

* The Installation Meeting takes place at our meeting in April.

Our meetings are open to the members of the Lodge, their invited Masonic guests and other Masonic visitors. If you are a Freemason and would like to visit us on any occasion, please contact the Secretary for details, using the contact us page; You'll be made very welcome.

Every regular meeting is followed by a formal dinner, known as the "Festive Board", where members of the Lodge, their guests and visitors enjoy good food, quality wine and stimulating camaraderie.

Social Functions

We enjoy meeting socially throughout the year when we share the company of our families and friends - both Masonic and non-Masonic.

Examples include: Skittles Evenings, a Night at the Greyhounds, a Gourmet Meal evenings, Fish and Chip quiz night, Sunday Lunches, River Boat Cruises etc.

Teme Lodge of Instruction

We have our own Lodge of Instruction, where Brethren have the opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry and get together between meetings.

The Teme Lodge of Instruction also provides the members of the Lodge with the opportunity to rehearse all the roles of the Officers under the guidance of more experienced Lodge members.

For more details contact the Secretary

For the list of the current Officers of the Lodge please click here