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United Grand Lodge of England


Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire


The Freemasons' Grand Charity


Worcester Masonic Library & Museum


The Brethren will be pleased to note that Freemasonry Today magazine has now merged with MQ magazine

Freemasonry Today


Worcestershire Lodge Websites

Some other sites worth visiting:


Lodge of Hope and Charity No.377

The Royds Lodge No.1204

Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No 1874

Masefield Lodge No.2034

Abbot Lichfield Lodge No. 3308

Page Lodge No. 3378

Dofra Lodge No. 5775

Lapal Lodge No. 6031

Wernlegh Abbey Lodge No. 6356

The Lodge of St John in Bedwardine No. 7458

Lodge of The Round Table No.7961

The Morgan Lodge No. 9816


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If you are looking for a Worcester Lodge to join - you would be hard pushed to find a friendlier Lodge.